Water Damage


It can creep up on someone as easily as a mosquito who is hungry and waiting to pounce. It can form for a long time before it's even noticed, costing a person hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to repair. What is this nasty little phenomenon?

Water damage; something many property owners dread more than anything. As a matter of fact, there have been instances where water damage has been so outrageous that a property owner would rather sell the nuisance to someone else than take care of the problem and its associated costs himself.

What is water damage? Damage of this kind describes any number of situations in which water is allowed to enter an area and cause harm, at times to the point of creating a complete loss of property. Water damage can result from any number of causes, including a broken dishwasher, a roof that leaks, a toilet that is clogged, a leak in the plumbing, and even bad weather can be the culprit if living in an area where rain and snow are prevalent.

However, a building or other type of structure made up of walls is not the only thing that is vulnerable to water damage. For example, leaving an item of clothing outside to become drenched and ruined by the sprinkler system is one instance of water damage. A metal weight system neglected on the deck while it rains is liable to rust and become altogether useless by the time the sun comes out to dry it off.

Evidence of water damage is not as easy to spot as an oversaturated item of clothing or rusted exercise equipment. Sometimes it takes the smell of rotting wood or spots appearing on the wall before a person is alerted to the issue.

How should a property owner protect himself from the possibility of water damage and its harmful effects on his greatest assets? Because most homeowner's insurance policies don't cover water damage, the most effective method a person can employ to protect himself is to perform consistent inspections of his property to ensure that all is in order.



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