The Water Page is an independent initiative dedicated to the promotion of sustainable water resources management and use. A particular emphasis is placed on the development, utilisation and protection of water in Africa and other developing regions.

How much water does the food processing industry use?

HR Wallingford, with funding from the British Government (DFID), publishes a Handbook for the Assessment of Catchment Water Demand and Use

Faith, development and poverty

Water Resources Management web based information
30 different themes - Hundreds of references - Making it easier to find information on the web

Opinion - Confusing Cause and Effect. Poverty, Development & the Environment

The threat to the environment in the North is excess and in the South is poverty, therefore the solutions are different - development is the only chance to restore the balance in the South.

National Geographic features water and quotes "The Water Page" as a major source of information. Visit this site to learn about sustainable water use and management in Africa and other developing regions.

Ode to the Development Worker

A development philosophy - leave no footprints

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Man can live for days without food, but cannot survive without water; for this essential liquid is vital to life. Without water, many life forms would suffer or even die out. The mission of this page is to deliver information beyond just the properties of water. It is a website that covers all topics about water.

The Water Page is also abundant in information. First, there is information on different water products. For example, do you know that the cost of tap water is 10,000 times lower than the price of imported bottled water? Imagine how much money could be saved just by consuming tap water instead of bottled water! There is also information on other water products, like water heaters, water filters, water dispensers and water ionizers.

You can find information on water services as well. Water damage has been a problem in many communities. It is crucial to be informed about water damage restoration and cleanup. The process of water testing and filtration also plays an important role in checking for water damage, which can cause water pollution.

There are general resourceful sections on the website. Each section is aimed to give users more information about and a better understanding of common water topics, including information about water pollution, the water cycle and much more.